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Count Money has extensively tested our range of coin counters & coin sorters. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most cost efficient coin counters and cash sorting machines on the market. We stock a wide range of cash counters to suit any application from low speed budget coin sorting machines - ideal for charities, to a large super high speed coin counter - perfect for a large business like a theme park, fast food restaurant, casino or bar. Coin counters only count pre sorted coins, i.e all 2p pieces. A coin counter & coin sorter will sort a batch of mixed coins into separate pots and count them as it sorts, giving a total at the end. See demonstrational videos on each product page to see them in action.

Batch counting enables the user to set the coin counting machine to count out a set amount (batch) of coins. This is usually set to correspond with bank bags. I.e £20 in £1 coins, £5 in 10p pieces and so on. When the set amount is reached, the coin counter stops, alerts the operator which pot needs emptying, then resumes counting/sorting once the relevant collection pot has been emptied. Duel function coin counters like the CS-350 make light work of charity collection buckets and making banking the money even easier. Whereas the CS-730 will handle massive amounts of coins and count them with amazing speed and will even reject the bent ones !


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