Counterfeit Detection

Since money was first invented over 3000 years ago it has been copied and counterfeited.  The only way to win the war against counterfeit notes is to detect and remove  the threat at the Point of Sale – the front line of any cash handling business.

Advances in the production of fake currency means that counterfeit notes are becoming harder to spot and often only discovered when it is paid into a bank, who then count it using  electronic detection methods. This  means that the full cost of the counterfeit note is born by the unsuspecting retailer who accepted it. This, combined  with the double sting of having exchanged goods and genuine cash in the form of change for the counterfeit note, makes the cost considerable and crippling to any business. Things are difficult enough without the added insult of staff  unknowingly accepting fake currency.

The Bank of England has revealed that retailers are right to be concerned as around 686,000 counterfeit notes were taken out of circulation in the UK in 2008, equating to a face value of £14m, a significant increase on previous years. One or two Counterfeit notes are enough to effect any business in these challenging times, don’t get caught out.

At Count Money  we understand the importance of front line counterfeit detection for all business’s, large and small. CountMoney stock a diverse range of Counterfeit detection products to safeguard your business on a daily basis. From fake note detector pens to large Banknote sorters with intergrated counterfeit identification capabilities. CountMoney stock the lot.

No amount of staff training can combat against counterfeit notes, the only way is to use at least one Counterfeit detection measure at the Point of Sale. In a small business a Handheld Counterfeit detector  may suffice, in a large cash handling situation, like a night club UV Light systems are the only way to ensure peace of mind.

Don’t be fooled again, safeguard your business today!