Desktop Counterfeit Detector - CF-500 Bank Spec

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Quick Overview

Mains Powered Desktop UV / MG /WM Couterfeit Detector

Energy Saving, Auto On/Off

CF-500 ECO Counterfeit Banknote Detector


The CF-500 is the first Bank Spec Counterfeit detector with an Automatic On/Off function.

This cutting edge technology uses 95% less energy than simliar Desktop Detectors.

How ? The CF-500 only uses energy when a banknote is placed underneath it. Brilliant

The CF-500 is a desktop Counterfeit Detector with Ultra Violet (UV), WaterMark (WM) & Magnetic (MG) detection capabilities. This useful tool is ideal for quickly checking the validity of Bank Notes, Driving Licences and other form of ID with include UV watermarks and stamps of authenticity.

The CF-500 also has a built in magnifying glass, making it even easier to spot fake or counterfeit notes and quickly remove them. Even the smallest details can easliy be seen.

The CF-500 is larger, and easier to use than a lot of Counterfeit detectors, it measures 27 cm wide, 14 cm high and 14cm deep.It is a sturdy machine, built to last.

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Additional Information

Power type Mains (240v)
Currencies Euro, UK Sterling, US Dollar
Counterfeit Detection Methods WM, UV , MG
Paper Type No
Till Roll Width No