Cash & Money Scales

Count Money supply cash management systems that deliver results quickly and efficiently. Count Money are proud to supply Omal products to give our customers more time in their day and eliminate counting errors. Count Money supply the latest Omal money scales as well as useful accessories, which make everyone's life easier.

Unlike Bank Note Counters, Omal cash scales count the number of pre-sorted coins or notes. So if you have a bundle of £20 notes the Count Easy will tell you how many notes you have. It does not count mixed notes or unsorted change. It will tell you how many 2p pieces are in the bag, but it will not separate the coins and count them. if you need to a machine that will separate mixed coins, please see our range of Coin Counters and sorters.

The easy to use function of the Omal Count Easy means that users can easily switch between different currencies. Whether you are counting Pounds or Euros, the Count Easy counts the lot - easily and effortlessly

At the end of the day - "Time is money"

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