What type of paper do I need ?

We sell 3 types of Till Rolls:

  • Thermal 
  • Grade A
  • TMP/Ecology - Recycled

Before you purchase your till rolls be sure to order the correct paper type for your machine.

  • Thermal Rolls are used in machines (credit card terminals, some printers, tills) which do not have ink cartridges in them. The thermal paper has a special coating which is activated when heat touches the paper.
  • Grade A Rolls are used in machines which have ink rollers or cartridges in them. Grade A paper is nice white and smooth to the touch
  • TMP/Ecology Rolls are the same as Grade A Rolls except they are a little rougher to the touch and are a slightly off white. These are made from 100% recycled paper. TMP Rolls also ned to be used in machines with an ink roller or cartridge