As with all electronic devices, your Coin Counter & Sorter needs a little bit of looking after to ensure that it runs as smoothly as it was designed to do.

Count Money recommend servicing your Cash Counter on an annual basis. All machines need servicing depending on how much they are used, think of your car.

A Coin Counter relies on the fact that all of its intricate sensors & components are working correctly, clean and dust free. Grease, grime and even excessive moisture in the air can lead to problems with Coin Counters and Sorters. If a machine is dirty on the outside, chances are its filthy on the inside. Remember a clean machine, is a happy one !

Our highly trained  technical department are fully versed with all of our Cash Counting machines. 

We even offer servicing options on machines bought from other suppliers. If you require servicing or technical assistance on a machine that is not listed below please email us, and we will do our best to help you.

Common faults of Coin Counters in need of a service are :

  • Intermittant or Frequent Mis-counting
  • Coin Jamming
  • Coins dropping into wrong pots

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